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  • Leandro
    4 months ago

    WARNING ⚠️ Be careful with this company !!.. The staff of this company comes from the DMV, They are rude, no one knows anything, the gate is alone, there are 2 locations in the same company but you have to guess which of the 2 is correct, and if you ask no one pays attention !!.. THEY ARE SHAMEFUL!

  • Alfredo Juarez
    Alfredo Juarez
    a week ago

    Iam from Stockton. Ca I was recruited for .60 cents / mile. When I got there , I was told , pay was. / per delivry

  • The Road Warrior
    The Road Warrior
    a month ago

    When I called them to inform them of one of their drivers acting up in the fuel island I was pleasantly surprised at how professional they handled my report of one of their drivers behaving badly

  • Buddy Wilcox
    Buddy Wilcox
    4 months ago

    I've been here over a year now and I must admit, it's a good company to drive for...they keep me rolling, take care of their equipment and the money is always in the bank every Friday. Thanks Air Capitol

  • Jhuggz
    4 years ago

    A wonderful place to work! Great dispatchers, they are always on top of their maintenance, and each and every one of them make sure that the driver is taken care of in every aspect of his journey whether there be breakdowns, delays or miscommunications.


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