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All Seasons Express Crossdock in Kalamazoo, MI



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  • Christina Muska
    Christina Muska
    3 weeks ago

    This company knows how to take care of its responsible drivers. Their headquarters is also located smack dab in the middle of thousands of greenhouses that deliver beauty to states all over the country. If you buy pre-potted flowers this spring thank a greenhouse worker and a truck driver because without them you wouldn’t be able to beautify your home garden office etc. Gratitude is the best attitude.

  • edward
    2 months ago

    If you want to starve as a CDL class A holder, this is the place for you. If you like a small trucking company that's a middle man for a low balliing load broker, this is the place for you. If you like doing odd jobs to make up for your low pay, this is the place for you. Great staff, great place, treat you like family, if your family doesn't care to see you struggle. Bottom line, only person making money is the owner. He shows you everyday with constant upgrades to the property. So beware of the smiling faces. It's only to hide what your really in for.

    5 months ago

    Nothing at all good to say about this company . They promised me to get back for my cancer treatment, they didn't get me a load, l always dead headed back to Kalamazoo,the yard moty. ALWAYS AVERAGED 842 MILES 5 TIMES. SEYMORR PAID ONE TIME FOR D.H. MILES

  • chris jacobs
    chris jacobs
    3 years ago

    Original Post: I would work with this company again and give I would make a better review if it worked out differently. Picked up the load, told it was an open window pick up, product is usually ready around 10am. Driver showed up, and was told 16:00 appointment. Not a great start, but it happens. Pumpkins are still being picked apparently so they can't load him early. While putting the load bars in they break one. Driver said they didn't do anything crazy with it, so the bar was probably just going bad. Anyway he showed up with 2 bars, the ratecon said 2 bars required. They tell him it's 3 required and he cannot leave the dock unless he purchases 2 more load bars since one broke. That I find annoying because they charged him $70, and I could have had him pick some up while he was waiting all that time for half that. We pay it. Broker pays half, since they told us 2 and 3 were needed they paid for one more. One broke, that's on us, that's fair. The unload took just about 4 hours, no detention at Walmart after 4 hours so none there. Again I have been to Walmart I know the drill so fair. They did pay for one load bar, and I have yet to see if we will get detention at least at the shipper. I feel like a lot of information was not great, but they did communicate well and were very friendly overall. I would love to give a better rating so I guess I will wait and see how the detention plays out and if we do another load with them, see how that goes. I would do business again at this point. UPDATE: The shipper did refuse to pay detention, I figured would happen. the broker added a detention paid for by them. That is the right way to handle it, and I would do business with them again.

    2 years ago

    Caution Caution Caution!!! Be aware if you are a O/O, I was pulled 14 load for this company back in 2021 and four of this trip I worked back track and did one extra stop to pick up an empty racks. They didn't paid me for back track and extra stop. Was calling them many times especially was speaking of the owner Seymour Hubel's he said every time that I will get paid for back track but he never did, it's a liar. And the same think with accountig department. In the beginning they let you know after delivery for an extra miles pick up a empty racks(it's optional) but if you don't bring back 30 empty rack, they fined you for that. Also make sure before you sign the contract because there is a another hiding fee.

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