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  • EastsideDetroit (EastsideDetroit)

    Don't work for this company they will steal your money in lie to your face and they never show you how much the load is paying for trust me stay away from this company

  • Lonnie Williams
    Lonnie Williams
    2 months ago

    Do not get a job at this company they will steal from you lie in your face they suck Vincent the second guy in charge is worse than a woman on her period the way he acted

  • igor kurtuma
    igor kurtuma
    a year ago

    They paid me 1350$ for 950 miles total, then suddenly cut off 220$ for 2hrs delay, even didn't ask what is a reason for delay!!

  • Randy Jennings
    Randy Jennings
    8 months ago

    I have been a owner operator for 5 years and when I have problem with my Truck Vince and Paul are always there to help with getting it fixed this is the best company I have worked with as a owner Operator Yep some bumps in the road some times but the always make it up to you When my Dad passed away military SARG the were ALL there for Me to get to GA when my Truck was in the SHOP rent a car and made my Dads funeral SO GIVE ARROW A (A+)

  • Patrick Patterson
    Patrick Patterson
    5 years ago

    Horrible company. Worked with an owner operator through then his truck was broke down for 2 of the 4 weeks I worked for him. Then the two I worked they had no runs. Then the truck broke down a again and I started working for the guy in the office. He don’t take care of his trucks and he only give runs to his trucks because when I was with the owner operator “he didn’t have no runs” the I started driving for him. Tried to have me driving in ice in traverse city with an empty trailer. Then they get mad when you turn down loads because of road conditions. The speedometer didn’t work in his truck it leaked coolant and he just told me to feel it up every time I got in it. Hopefully he fix it reading this. No runs at all. He’ll tell you what you want to hear in orientation but when you run it’s a different game. He’ll tell you it’s not local but in his truck that’s all I was doing. Poor communication, they TRY and talk to you like you’re dumb. If you own a truck find something that’s consistent and have good paying loads. He can’t keep people. Most of the people on the post work there.


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