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    New location is wonderful. Update 2022: The terminal is going through a renovation. The terminal parking is getting very limited here and now it will be worsened. The limited parking will be permanent due to the extension of the docks. Averitt TL try to get here early for now on to get a place to park

  • Shana Stark
    Shana Stark
    5 years ago

    Your trucks should not be going down our narrow historic residential road. It is illegal by Florida law and an accident waiting to happen. Our Weight limit sign was spray painted over. We are putting you on notice so in the event of damages or an accident you have been made aware of this and will be held liable.

  • Ryan Deshawn
    Ryan Deshawn
    3 years ago

    One of the fastest loading I've ever had. They really value your time. I wish all warehouses were like that. In and out under 40 minutes. 30 pallets. Yes, you've heard right!

  • Donald. Waters
    Donald. Waters
    6 years ago

    Thank you for allowing our manager time to inspect our delivery before accepting. Everything was as it should have been. We have had deliveries in the past with other trucking companies that have refused to allow an inspection before signing. This is a great trucking company to deal with. Wish all of our deliveries would come from Averitt.

  • Jerry kemler
    Jerry kemler
    2 years ago

    Don't use Avritt they delivered an engine to me destroyed, I sent it back to get a refund .because of weather it sat in Nashville a month then they said the engine had been shipped upside down that didn't happen again they let it get mangled in shipping. Then couldn't get any one to ship it the Missouri but they would send it back to me for three times the original price of shipping. And now they are auctioning my engine off . So they destroy my engine and try to hold it for Ransome and then steal it !! And I'm making payments on it .


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