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  • Gonzalo Olaizola
    Gonzalo Olaizola
    a year ago

    Great and super Fast service…!! I had a problem over the road and the Fix it on the spot..!! Friendly, Super efficient and great price 💰.!!! I’ll definitely come back Family oriented business..!!!

  • Boss704CLT CLT HQ (official)

    They have a shop in the back for all your truck needs as well as very affordable cross docking. Highly recommend! Owner Artem takes very good care of his clients as well as stands behind all work he does on repairs.

  • Jasmine Miller
    Jasmine Miller
    5 years ago

    These people lie and steal . Not only did there dispatch try lie about a former agreement we had between each other. Long story short when I started with this company we had a payment agreement. Then he completely tried to go back on it because apparently their company wasn’t making enough money and they wanted a cut of what they had Originally promised me. So I Agreed just so I didn’t have to worry about them trying to take my check completely. So I ended taking a $700 loss. I should have knew these people were no good when, I saw them taking hinges off the back of trailers in order to not break seals. For anyone who doesn’t know this is a illegal when you book a load with the company and they seal it because They don’t want you people tampering with the load. So this is also a warning for companies who book with them.they move things around in order to fit multiple loads on trailers to fatten their pockets. But then proceeded to try to steal one of my paychecks and succeeded in stealing my last paycheck. when I went to go retrieve my things from their truck a bunch of items were missing and they claim that they put them all together do not trust these people.!!!!! And anything they say is more than likely a lie...And almost every good review they have on here it is from someone who works there or someone they work with

  • Tony Weeks
    Tony Weeks
    2 years ago

    AY Logistics is a 10 star facility... Staff were pleasant and helpful... and Highly organized... I was a walk in with a coolant leak and they managed fit me in for a fix and back on the road... Great family business...!!! Thank you guys...!!!

  • Mark Zverev
    Mark Zverev
    5 years ago

    Great company. Best crossdock Charlotte Metro. 5 Stars every day! Thanks Val for coming out at midnight and reloading.


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