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Baton Rouge Cargo Service Crossdock in Shreveport, LA



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  • Brenda McFarland
    Brenda McFarland
    2 months ago

    I had an appt time of 10-2 for a mattress and box springs to be delivered. They were here at 11:15. Very professional and nice people. Did a great job!

  • Summer B
    Summer B
    3 months ago

    Ordered a couch from Amazon and they were supposed to deliver it into my house because it weighed almost 300 pounds. Scheduled a 4 hour delivery window, I sat waiting all day and they never showed up. I called when it was half an hour past the window, and was told that they were an hour away. Another hour goes by, and I miss a phone call where the driver said he was still another 30 minutes away and to call him if I needed anything. 30 minutes go by and I miss a call from an unknown number. I try calling back and get a message saying they are closed. I try calling the driver to see if it was him, but he didn’t answer. I tried the missed call number again and someone answered and informed me that they won’t deliver to houses on dirt roads. She also was rude and tried to make it sound like they’d tried calling me several times, when in fact the driver had called me earlier and had no need for me to call back and when I missed the unknown number I immediately called it back. Like how many numbers do you guys even have good grief. You have NO BUSINESS accepting orders for anything in Oklahoma if you aren’t going to deliver to dirt roads. I just had a 1300 square foot house delivered out here without issues, I had a washer and dryer delivered and installed yesterday with no issues, but you guys can’t deliver a couch down a dirt road because you’ll “slide off the road”?! How is it my fault you can’t hire competent drivers? I wasted an entire day waiting on my delivery only to have to cancel my order completely because this worthless company wouldn’t deliver it.

  • Courtney Lancaster
    Courtney Lancaster
    a month ago

    This is the WORST delivery company I have ever worked with and I’ve had many deliveries. They didn’t try to deliver to our house down the drive nor did they wait to help load it on our truck since their driver said “they couldn’t deliver down our drive way” so he left our playground delivery on the corner of the road 250 yards from our homes. I tried calling his supervisor and got excuses and rudeness. If I can give any advice. DO NOT USE THIS DELIVERY COMPANY (house in the background isn’t ours we leave down the road) theirs the ever so helpful delivery man leaving in the background

  • Jeremy Potts
    Jeremy Potts
    6 months ago

    My delivery has been rescheduled (without notifying me) twice, after my package SAT at their location for 8 DAYS!!! Maybe I’ll get it, maybe I won’t. After calling, their receptionist had zero answers and eventually told me to just contact Amazon. Would NEVER use again. Stay away! I hope the owner/manager sees this. Fire your receptionist, and then yourself!

  • Jerime Julson
    Jerime Julson
    8 months ago

    Shocked to see such a high rating for this company! To make a long story short, I ordered a package from Amazon. The driver refused to drive up my driveway due to the trees( trucks much bigger have made it through with no problem). Their solution, “ we can leave it right here” ( driver was parked in the middle of a 2 lane road) ( not even joking). Because I said leaving it in the middle of the road is unacceptable, they marked it down as me refusing the package and sent it back! Btw the driver was making excuses about possibly being unable to deliver the package before he got to my house.

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