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  • Yerlan Jumabekov
    Yerlan Jumabekov
    a year ago

    Was for first time and i was like WOW. Very cool place and it is underground facility. There is big truck parking lot and rest area with bathrooms and vending machines. You can come there any time for layover but i dont promise you if you are lucky with parking space :). I came there couple hours earlier than my appointment was but i had wait anyway after check in. Because it is very big facility and it is lots of truck coming in and out. You will wait on parking lot after check in and they will give a call when they are ready for you. People was cool at the check in desk. Was unloading pretty quick.

  • Jack Dreher
    Jack Dreher
    5 months ago

    You can’t get a better experience than picking up a load from here. Kathryn was very professional, helpful, & friendly. I was loaded quickly & these caves are easy to navigate & have plenty of room compared to other caves. Thank you for an awesome experience Kathryn & Buske.

  • WhosYourDadzie LLC

    You’ll be coming to the 1900 building, you can either call or go inside building to check in. If you see the parking lot full of trucks it’s best you go inside to check in. They got me in a door an hour and a half early, took them two hours and 45 mins to load me, they used to have WIFI for truckers but not anymore.

  • Keegan Kraemer
    Keegan Kraemer
    4 years ago

    First impression pulling into the guard shack waiting area was 'wow'. There is so much parking there, overnight parking as well, and the guard shack is huge and has vending machines, new restroom, and a outdoor sitting area. Waiting time to get a dock was very short; they will take you early. The docks are underground, so as usual, there is no service, but I had discovered that they have wifi available for guests under SU (Smithfield Underground). The roads down there are very spacious and lit up, and it was ridiculously easy to straight back into my dock. All they ask you to do is slide your tandems and turn your truck and reefer off, they will open your doors from inside. I had a live unload myself and it took under an hour to unload me. Everyone is very nice and courteous.

  • Bradley Williams
    Bradley Williams
    a week ago

    Took a 34 here, Called me at 6:45am Docked at 6:50 Out at 7:15 Appointment 8:00am They’re always on point!


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