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  • Charles Whitlock
    Charles Whitlock
    2 weeks ago

    Good, and the bad. The people in the front office seem to be very nice. Clean restrooms, and vending machines available. There is also a Culver’s Restaurant within walking distance. You can park here overnight. Now the bad. Don’t be late. If you’re over I believe 30 minutes late they will charge you $100.00 Now with that said. If your on time. They have no issues with making you wait. Show up for your appointment on time. You’re likely not gonna start getting loaded, or unloaded for 1 to 2 hours past your appointment time. The average time of sitting here past your appointment time is 2 to 3 hours. Shouldn’t they pay us truck drivers $100.00 for our time when we bust it to get here on time?

  • Adesh Chahal
    Adesh Chahal
    a year ago

    Thanks to them, Here i am driving at night coz i wasted all my day waiting here. These guys are polite but will waste your day for sure. I spent 9 hours here. 5 hours waiting for the door, 3 hours just sitting oat the door and the last 1 hour of actually getting loaded. Busy place, i guess the day-cab drivers had the priority. Well, it is what it is. Come here with at least 2-3 movies and extra food.

  • Isahel Hernandez
    Isahel Hernandez
    2 months ago

    Appointment on a Monday at 1530. Arrived at 1430 departed at 1600. FTL going to Kenosha. Nice people. Vending machines and in door restrooms. 1-15 not late. 16-30 late no charge. 30+ late with $100 change. After you are loaded, they will knock on your truck and tell you to go inside for paperwork

  • Terry L
    Terry L
    a week ago

    They loaded quickly, about 2 hours before my appt. time. Easy check in.

  • Timothy Proot
    Timothy Proot
    4 months ago

    This place is SLOW!!! I've been here twice, Early both times and both times they have held me here. Been sitting for 7 hours and they just put me in a door almost an hour after my appointment time. People are nice, but they SUCK!!!!


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