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  • Micha Campo
    Micha Campo
    3 months ago

    My heavy haul company, Six Eight Trucking, recently hauled an OSOW load from OK to TX for Circle Logistics. We worked directly with Zachary and Kenneth, great guys. Everything from the origin to destination went exactly as discussed, we appreciate that. We look forward to working with them in 2024.

  • Karen Leach
    Karen Leach
    a week ago

    Terrible experience. Hauled a load from Virginia to Michigan. Picked up on time, delivered on time. Received dozens of texts, phone calls and emails saying we weren't tracking even though we used macropoint and inputed our pickup and delivery. Then they wanted signed bol and we sent in a photo but left out the edges. Not good enough for them. Driver needs time to drive and rest and should not be answering pointless texts and phone calls while on the road.

  • Yuri Sushchik
    Yuri Sushchik
    2 weeks ago

    We have had the opportunity to work with Circle Logistics steadily for the past year. Our experience has been great working with Ben and Laurie on the expedite side and Steven on the TL side. Thank you for your honesty and integrity in every aspect of our operations. 5 stars from Dinamo Express!

  • Belmin
    2 weeks ago

    Called a load and booked it for posted rate. He took down all my info and said we are good for it. I hear rep in background emailing non stop. 10 mins on the line and finally goes "actually someone booked it before me". More like broker booked it for cheaper. Snakes like this need to be out of the trucking industry

  • Shane Calvert
    Shane Calvert
    a month ago

    This company has poor communication and attempts to find a cheaper carrier once agreed rate confirmation has been confirmed with a carrier. Company calls back a 20 mins later to state oh we can’t do it for original agreed price because it’s to high. To make things even worse we still take load for the cheaper rate and sit at a shipper for more than 5 hrs. They call to notify me that load has been cancelled. Mind you this is very late in the day so there is no chance for salvaging the day they send a rate con for $150 tonu what a joke. Truckers stay clear from this broker you have been warned. Update: Shipper called after leaving the facility asking where I went that they’ve been waiting for me to get loaded as well as another truck brokered through circle logistics. I advised them that circle cancelled the load stating the product wasn’t ready. Short story shipper is beyond pissed and is looking into not working with circle logistics any longer. Like stated earlier poor communication and try’s to get another carrier for cheaper while load is booked already. Broker Dispatcher: Zachary Kroll Will lie and block your calls


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