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  • gene kelly
    gene kelly
    4 months ago

    The best trucking company I've ever worked for they are very good to their employees. Very good company.

  • Vikki Woyan
    Vikki Woyan
    3 years ago

    On Saturday October 10, 2020 we were traveling on I-70 west at mile marker 79 in Ohio when one of your drivers with the trailer license plate Maine # 24-4109C tried to run us off the road. With our horn blasting he would not back off. He was traveling 80 MPR going in and out of traffic like he was in a sports car. We contacted 911. A State Highway Patrol car caught up with him and followed him for awhile to see if he'd try to run anyone else off the highway. Any Company that would have a driver like this won't be in business every long. He is a danger to everyone that travels the highways. He is a OTR driver that gives all other drivers a bad name.

  • Anna Jett
    Anna Jett
    2 years ago

    I was traveling to Florida today on 77 South in South Carolina near the mile 42 marker and encounted your driver with the silverish blue truck MC 794107 US DOT 2326130 VIN 193505 - i tried to contact dispatch and left 2 messages with this company. The driver was driving recklessly, speeding, weaving in and out of lanes with no turn signal, ended up beside me and started to enter my lane and i honked the horn to let him know we were there incase he didnt see us and he proceeded to flip off myself and my two children sitting in the backseat who took photos of the truck. He then began to drive beside us and intentionally cut us off multiple times with no signal before we pulled over and called the police. Absolutely disgusting behavior. Id advised agaisnt doing business with this company. The owner responded to this review, his company has one truck and one driver. It was him that did it then made this response. Stop trying to kill people.

  • YurRock
    9 months ago

    Good company, I'm very satisfied.

  • Lexus Ls430
    Lexus Ls430
    4 years ago

    Docks are tight, forklift drive dont speak much English. Service is nice enough.


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