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Commonwealth Inc Crossdock in Cincinnati, OH



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  • Дмитрий Поддубный

    My experience was great. Fast and politely. They got concrete lot to stay your break. And just only look at the load.

  • kevin brown
    kevin brown
    6 months ago

    Loaded here a couple of times. Each time was loaded by my appointment . Plenty of parking. Little tight backing on dock doors. The receptionist is super super nice.

  • Kalesha
    a year ago

    Caucasian guy was really nice checked in late loaded an parked an went to sleep with no time left on clock I was sent my load info while completing a different load got it an came on here found out I was supposed to be here at 1230 noon I'm like dang well I just got this load at 4pm So now I'm loading with 40 minutes left on my clock for the day an its not because of this business but my company smh

  • Ali Jatt
    Ali Jatt
    11 months ago

    Easy to check in. Fast in and out. Plenty of parking space. Nice place to get load

  • Alan Murray
    Alan Murray
    a year ago

    They get a star for having over night parking!!! My appointment was 930am docked at 9am. started loading me at 11am 1130 was loaded. Fast load but pointless to have a truck sit there all that time and they seem to use only 2 docks

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