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  • Getth Nelson
    Getth Nelson
    2 months ago

    75mph fully loaded with concrete demo in the slow lane less than 2 car lengths from this tiny suv that had 3 children in it. I wonder how well it’d go if they abruptly brake. Personal injury attorneys, eat your heart out. Also, after reading they they screw over drivers and then tried to justify not paying drivers bc clients didn’t bc pay, wow. That’s the cost of being a business owner. Google: Entrepreneur. The benefit of owning is reaping the rewards when business is good. Did your drivers make the bad deals? No. Did you disclose that drivers won’t get paid if clients don’t pay? No. You suck at business, that’s a YOU problem. Own it.

  • Marian Johnson
    Marian Johnson
    3 weeks ago

    Tim with Cowtown Express was outstanding to work with. Tim listened to what I needed and delivered exactly how I needed it. His quote was very competitive, even so that I did not call around to anymore companies after. Tim sent out Willy to deliver my equipment and this gentleman was outstanding. I have been in the construction industry for over 25 years and own my own company so it was so very nice to see two people that care about the customers and perform the level of service that they delivered. I highly recommend Tim and Willy with Cowtown Express.

  • ilianna Fisher
    ilianna Fisher
    3 months ago

    Tim at Cowtown gave us the BEST customer service today. We called on a Friday afternoon in a major bind, desperately needing help with supplies; due to issues with our normal vendor. We literally had less than an hour and half to pick up freight that was 45 minutes across town. Tim immediately got to work on this and they came through BIG TIME for us!!! He kept us well informed through the whole process. Uh-mazing customer service!! They really saved us today! Always a pleasure to work with Cowtown. My first experience with Tim, and he went above and beyond.

  • Jack Owen
    Jack Owen
    3 weeks ago

    Recently had Cowtown Express transport several vehicles into Montana. Absolutely a pleasure to deal with. Andrew Bush and Andrea picked up the load. Deserves more than 5 is superb. Drivers same.

  • Emile Augustine
    Emile Augustine
    4 months ago

    Cowtown Express provided excellent service across the board. After initially contacting them, they promptly responded to my RFQ. Interfacing with them was especially helpful. They answered all of my questions, and were exceptionally thorough when figuring out the logistics of our delivery/shipment. Cowtown is definitely at the top of the list when it comes reliable logistics companies.


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