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We offer a full solution to all customers. We are 4 minutes from Edwardsville, IL Gateway Commerce Driver, 15 minutes from downtown St Louis.

We offer Cross Dock Service, short and long-term Warehouse Storage, Semi Truck and Trailer Parking, and Trucking Services locally and over the road.

You can book a parking spot online at, For all other services you can call or email us. [email protected] or (314)480-5589 ext 322 or 301



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  • Bill Rosenhan
    Bill Rosenhan
    2 months ago

    So I decided to rewrite my review after working for them for a month, and then moving on. They were easy to talk to and had the miles. However, after trying to get me to stay on several occasions and also offering an open door for my position, they deducted $800 from my final check without explanation or even saying anything about it. For that I am reducing my review to 3 stars I'm adding in the fact the company charged me $250 to detail the truck for the next driver. It seems they are just looking for ways to take the money you worked hard for.

  • Ajla Taso
    Ajla Taso
    8 months ago

    Amazing company!! All of the employees at Silver Trucking demonstrate a tremendous amount of loyalty, integrity, honesty, and they truly care about their employees and customers. The company has a great structure and a very professional environment. If you are looking for a company that cares about not only your safety but your future success, look no further- this is the one for you! :)

  • Sheila Huffman
    Sheila Huffman
    8 months ago

    This is a fantastic company. Everyone here are friendly and easy to work with, I wouldn’t trade them for anything. As a driver I am always comfortable with the loads and times. Communication is key to run any business and I have never had any problems.

  • Justin LeBlanc
    Justin LeBlanc
    8 months ago

    I hated working here. There were 2 other people in orientation with me and all 3 of us left within a month. After the 4 day orientation we sat for another 4 days at the pontoon beach IL pilot waiting for a load. You spend more time taking pictures than driving and the trucks are governed at 62/pedal and 65/cruise. The trucks are new or newer and they're nice but that's the only good thing I have to say about them.

  • Ned Tasic
    Ned Tasic
    8 months ago

    One of the most easiest and amazing experiences I’ve ever had at a business! Any questions I had were answered and helped with immediately! Would recommend to anyone and 10/10 would go again and again!

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