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  • Tim Pepitone
    Tim Pepitone
    2 months ago

    Observed your rig running a red light on 176th and Canyon Rd Fredrickson Wa. on Jan 27 around 2:45P.M. almost ran over a family of four in a red Mazda. Then ran another red light on Canyon and Military Road a couple on minutes later. Photos will be sent to Pierce county sheriff and Wa state patrol. Please respect the rules of the road your actions give other truckers a bad name. Thank you

  • Alex V
    Alex V
    5 months ago

    Great people. They helped me twice with load rearranging. Thank you for your time and effort

  • Marcus Delaney
    Marcus Delaney
    a year ago

    A very family and Driver oriented Company, great people and equipment with excellent pay for your hard work. I quit for a couple months and Dave made sure I got my Bonus check when he didn't need to, that's a very Great Boss in my opinion. Tom and Big Dave are the type of Bosses you want to work for, and with the staff they have in the office they make sure their Drivers like their job.

  • Antonio
    5 months ago

    Does anybody know what kind of drag test they do. Urine or hair?

  • Nick Varkentin
    Nick Varkentin
    10 months ago

    Great Company!!! Great customer service Blake and Ben!!! I wish all the employees like them!!! Thank you. Will use again in future.


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