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  • Jimmy Little
    Jimmy Little
    in the last week

    Soooo glad I don't have to work for people like that receiving lady.Smh.So thankfull.

  • Chris Myers
    Chris Myers
    9 months ago

    Unless you get paid for detention don't come here. 2 doors, nobody but me in 1 and it has been 3 hours. It's pathetically slow. I feel bad for their customers. I can't imagine they get things on time. If I owned this place I'd be really unhappy with the pace. Time is money and they are costing you a lot for sure.

  • elida osorio
    elida osorio
    10 months ago

    Got a door fast. Then again, I was very early. They start at 7am, and it looks like they take a break at 9 a.m. because everyone disappeared. I'm loaded but waiting for paperwork. There is a problem with the computer, "Supposedly". Maybe the person doing the paperwork needs an extra computer training. IDK.

  • Jamie Shuman
    Jamie Shuman
    a year ago

    The reviews are bad for a reason. I sent a driver in and he sat for almost 2 hours past his appointment and still didn't get a door. He left as they kept putting other drivers in the door that got there after him. I'd avoid it unless you're going to starve without this load.

  • Zura Giuna
    Zura Giuna
    4 months ago

    Never, never will come back 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻. Long time for load-4-6 hours


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