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  • Jasvinder Saggu
    Jasvinder Saggu
    a year ago

    I came here, quick to get a dock since the product was here. I'm in the warehouse taking a pic of the trailer while it's being loaded. The other trailer where the product is being removed from is tilted, I just took pic standing to the side. the lady who works with forklift driver ask me to come help and I said no then she yells at me to come help and I said why in loud voice since you couldn't hear anything. She said get out, and took me out. We had a talk She expected me to do her job and said that it was also my responsibility to help and I said I'm the driver not a warehouse worker. Very rude behaviour, if you do come and find yourself in that situation they will still load you. To all drivers who's picking up melons, be warned they will load you even if you don't want them to after seeing the damaged product.

  • Michael Bowden
    Michael Bowden
    a year ago

    the whole deal rests on if the relay truck is there...they won't put u in a dock till both trucks are at the dock...I'm guessing they have no control over that...I arrived at 730 and my relay guy was already there so we were done by 9am....I stayed there the remainder of the day waiting to go to my next pick up..gate was open when I left at midnight and a couple of trucks were still there..parking for probably 20 trucks total..more if everyone parks correctly....

  • Amadeuss Daniel
    Amadeuss Daniel
    3 years ago

    Good people. Careful, helpful, respectful. If you have to wait it is usually because the other truck has not arrived yet and that is not up to the employees of this place. Quick in and out otherwise. Kudos

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan
    5 years ago

    Do not use this facility. No restroom, security is poor. Gates are locked if you show up early or late and there is no where to park. Neighborhood on the other side of the street will call police on you. Local police do not want trucks in there area. People at the crossdock don't speak English or are rude as hell.

  • philip trapp
    philip trapp
    5 years ago

    Great place. Quick and very helpful if you need anything emailed in or out. Parking available if need hos stop (only if you are loading there)


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