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  • Sibomana Alexis
    Sibomana Alexis
    a year ago

    They are nice people. If you have a delivery, their warehouse is is located on 220 E Berg Rd Salina, KS 67401 I got unloaded in about 30 minutes of arrival.

  • Violet Ash
    Violet Ash
    8 months ago

    I rode with my husband full time. Right from the beginning, he was punished for someone running into him while texting before he was even a driver for them. Apparently you are not allowed a rider for 6 mo after an accident, even if its not your fault, cant prevent it, and you can prove it. & it wasnt even with their company. Which means 3 months not allowed on his truck. Thats ridiculous. We were always stressed about the stupid drivers maybe causing an accident cause we knew he would get punished for it no matter what. We dealt mostly w/Abilene terminal. Some w/Salina terminal. They are nice to your face. But they find ways to cheat you. It's not often you get any detention pay or anything at all. Pay itself is low to begin with. Even when they ask if you'll help unload cause the customer will pay "us" for it. Us means the company, not you. Doesn't matter that you are always communicating and running hard. They don't believe that traffic exists. They litterally think you just stopped in the middle of the road for no reason. Dispatch knows better, but the owners litterally think this. The owners are not drivers and have no idea about real trucking or they dont understand how traffic works. In that same note, they will look up Google, and if google says you can drive on 80mph roads in a 70mph governed truck, they will believe Google over you. They don't understand how governed trucks work. If you are in Washington State and you are on roads that always run slower than posted speed limits, the owners here expect you to run over everyone. Washington State was my old stomping grounds. I somewhat knew my way around. My dad who lives there was on the phone with us every day telling us which roads will be quicker as traffic is way more dense now then what it used to be. We did good, got all loads on time. Was refused a second load for the day as these were short runs. Google says it takes 2 hours for those runs. Real life driving, even in cars is 4 hours. That's why the local areas give you 4 hours. It's because they know their own area. IMAGINE THAT!! Then dispatch decides to put a load on us that is impossible to make in real time in the time they said. We tried to tell them, but they wouldn't listen. We had to explain to the broker that our dispatcher is in Ks & has no idea how Wa ran. So the broker made calls &asked us to switch things around, we busted our butts & got it done in one day. Dispatcher was mad we didn't wait till the next day. She wanted us to change what we were doing &reroute in the middle of traffic. We get back to find out we got 300 for a full weeks runs. Told we didn't run hard and told we were late. WTH? I will give them $100 if any of them can do any of that better than we could. I absolutely challenge the Bradley's on that. They also expect you to fly thru the mountains with maxed out trailer. They don't understand that other places are not built in squares like Ks is. If you have to miss a turn on the mountain because it's not semi accessable, that means your run is now an hour later to get back on route. Google and truck GPS don't always know what isn't a truck route. This is where you have to use your brain to figure things out. But this company don't understand real world trucking so good luck getting them to understand a thing you say about any of this. Their not capable of it. Though we wanted OTR to begin with, we pushed for it cause being on a dedicated route meant every other week you got a 400 to 500 check. If you busted your butt back to try and get another load, and told them you'll work the weekend, they only said you will get another load. You won't. Then if you get a super short week where they knew a week in advance you'll be back on Wednesday, they'll tell you they'll have another load when you get back. They won't. You'll get told they don't have time for you. Then you are sitting there trying to figure out how to deal w/$300 check. We never had an APU, they dont offer lease, we believed in them, but almost lost everything. They will also book a load & not have a trailer

  • Vee Vallet
    Vee Vallet
    2 years ago

    Made a trailer purchase from them... Trailer is in A1 condition. Just need a few upgrades.

  • Jerry Bohringer
    Jerry Bohringer
    11 months ago

    Their pay is very cheap. They do not pay dead head. They do not pay detention pay. No holiday pay. Old equipment. It is percentage pay. Which is like $12 an hour . And you will have to pay for the fuel. Drop and hook you pay them. No extra stop pay. No lay overpay no breakdown pay. You break down you're on your own that will not pay for nothing. They know how to scan drivers. They do not believe in safety.

  • Honesty First
    Honesty First
    3 years ago

    Has Always been a great company to work for! Always an opportunity to advancement, always treated fairly, and always treated as if i were FAMILY! An awesome company to contact for work also! Owner Operator's are usually always considered and one of the most Family Oriented companies I've ever known or worked for! Thank you Jessie and Jamie for everything you have ever done for me and it will always be appreciated!


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