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  • Evan Reisfeld
    Evan Reisfeld
    4 years ago

    Great place. Must come around the back first 3 days. Don't go inside where the sign

  • K. Eubanks (either)
    K. Eubanks (either)
    10 months ago

    They offloaded me fast, but they took one of the pallets intended for the next drop even though I asked them to double check that

  • george chiriac
    george chiriac
    5 years ago

    This guys deserve not 5 star. They deserve all 10 stars! Doing bussines with them, very nice and responsible people. They really care about their work partners. Keep going guys! Great team, great service. Good luck guys!!!

  • Rita Rituzza
    Rita Rituzza
    3 years ago

    In the years we have been working with this trucking company, we have seen everything happen. We order a full pallet of cured meats from our importer, every three or four months. We arrange delivery for a day and they always come on another day. We call people to come unload and stock the goods, and we end up having to send everyone home because they don’t show up when they say they will. In the several times I contacted them over the phone, I was always treated poorly and in some occasion even yelled at by the Russian drivers. They have my personal phone number to tell us when they come since they always deliver on our only day off, and it takes us ten minutes to get to our shop from home, but still the driver will yell at me on the phone while I drive to get there. The worst thing is how we can never plan on getting our supplies when we need them, because even this last time they said they were going to deliver on Monday March 1st, and instead we are getting the pallet Wednesday March 10th. It is really hard for a business to plan accordingly, if the trucking company does whatever they want, have no respect of deadlines and when you call to complain they just don’t care or even yell at you on the phone. Now they refuse to come up to the small town where we are, so they are charging us extra to get the pallet delivered to a third party in San Francisco. They gave us their contact information but ended up delivering the pallet to another company, so for a whole afternoon me and the poor guy from the third party company, we were looking for this lost pallet for hours. Finally Fournier gave me the contact info of whomever they delivered the pallet to, and this company is now closed on the weekend. So our pallet is stuck in their warehouse until next week. First of all, coming from Italy, I want to say this is not normal, people should know where the goods are, where they are being delivered and when. How can a pallet be lost or misplaced or delivered to a different company? Mysteries of Fournier.

  • Cafe Rumi
    Cafe Rumi
    6 years ago

    Please steer clear from this company. They have issues with their logistics and they blame others for their problems. The people working here are the rudest and most unprofessional you will ever come across. I contacted them to get a quote for a pallet I wanted picked up from a food distributor in NJ, to be shipped to CA. They told me they do not offer liftgate services and Bernny, the guy I spoke with, said he would try to see if it can be shipped elsewhere. So I didn’t hear anything from him and was referred to another trucking company by the food distributor. I paid them and decided to go with them. They were much more professional and courteous, and their price was much less. I got a call that my pallet was picked up by Fournier Trucking. I was shocked! They basically made a trip to the food distributor to pick up my pallet. I had not signed any paperwork with them or authorized them to pick anything up on my behalf. When I called them, they blamed the food distributor and said that they were just given the pallet. This is wrong because they obviously went there and asked for my order. Anyhow. They told the food distributor that I asked for it to be picked up and that I must have changed my mind? What a lie. They have absolutely no paperwork from me. How can they even have a p/o without any of my companies info? It doesn’t add up, right? That’s why I say this company is very shady. I called to ask them to drop the pallet that they wrongfully picked up, back to the food distributor or the other trucking company that was originally suppose to pick up the order, and Bernny basically told me no way. My biggest gripe is their lack of acknowledgment that they did anything wrong. They just shift blame from one person to the next. Bernny was very rude and condescending. I called to speak to a manager, supervisor, or even the owner of the company and I spoke to someone named Andes (sorry if I misspelled). He was just as rude as Bernny. He told me he had tons of customers and orders to fill and that I don’t mean anything, basically. He didn’t apologize or show one ounce of pity towards the situation his company put me through. I hope the owner of the company reads this and evaluates their employees and procedures. These two people I spoke to had not even an ounce of customer service.


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