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  • Cruise Controlled
    Cruise Controlled
    10 months ago

    Speaking of the shop but the same management will treat both Business the same. I recently had my truck repaired at Furex and wanted to share my experience. The repair services provided by Furex were of good quality, and their technicians demonstrated expertise and skill in fixing the issues with my truck. I was satisfied with the repairs, and my truck was in good working condition afterward. However, I encountered significant difficulties when it came to claiming warranty coverage for an unforeseen issue that arose shortly after the repairs. Despite providing all the necessary documentation and clearly stating that my truck was under warranty, Furex's warranty service was disappointing. Their communication was lacking, with delays in response and a lack of clarity in their explanations. Moreover, when they finally addressed my warranty claim, they seemed reluctant to honor their responsibility, attempting to shift the blame onto external factors. It is disheartening when a company fails to fulfill its promises, especially regarding warranty coverage. Furex's handling of warranty matters left me feeling disappointed and let down as a customer. While I appreciate the quality of their repair work, I caution potential customers to carefully consider the implications of Furex's warranty policy.

  • Katkat Ambrose
    Katkat Ambrose
    3 years ago

    They sent my husband who's a new/ inexperienced driver to the east coast on his first run after he communicated to them he's NEVER!!! done east coast which contains lots of hill's and mountains not to mention crazy driving from experienced ppl, then dispatch stopped answering and cut off the trucks internet, I feel they sent my husband out there to get killed!!! These ppl are the worsts do not!!! I repeat DO NOT!!!!!! do business with these devil's

  • Dmytro Sinclair
    Dmytro Sinclair
    6 years ago

    Before i went to work for Furex i didn’t know what is mean “LIFE”, And now i found the sense of my LIFE Im happy every morning :)))

  • JAMES bond
    JAMES bond
    11 months ago

    these guys need to go back to Europe w there horrible equipment. the boss a pole and is rude and racist. im surprised they made it threw cov 19 .

  • james Green
    james Green
    3 years ago

    Driver of truck 247 needs to learn that as soon as you get out of a town it is not alright to kick it up to 85 miles an hour and cut people off, the responsibility of driving that big of a machine around cars is too great to take lightly and drive like a douche.


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