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Our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities are equipped with all the modern logistic technologies to ensure that your goods are picked-up, stored, and re-distributed as efficiently as possible. 29 loading bays enable us to quickly remove goods from a range of vehicles, and our expert warehousing team are well-trained in handling your long term or short term warehouse needs. We staff & operate 2 warehouse locations in Greensboro for a combined 500,000+ sq ft of warehouse space.

We’re situated just minutes from the Greensboro Triad Airport, making our warehouse an ideal base for consignments that need sorting and re-distribution under strict time constraints.



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37 reviews
  • Tim Bourbonais
    Tim Bourbonais
    a year ago

    Working on my second year with Highways and Skyways and I couldn't be happier. The owners and management care about their employee's and have supported me through work and personal issues. Co-workers are like family and because of the size of the company everything is very personable. We are a tight knit unit that have many enjoyable days together. Not only are the people great but our brand is great. They have a commitment to be the best in the business and our customers appreciate it. I would highly recommend the company to anyone who is tired of the large corporations that only know you as a number.

  • ginger carter
    ginger carter
    a year ago

    Almost to my 7 year mark here at Highways & Skyways of NC and Trophy Transport and it has been by far the best career choice I have ever made. From the owners, to managers, to co-workers, we all are family and assist each other with all issues. The owners and managers always make you feel appreciated.

  • Jan Stasik
    Jan Stasik
    a year ago

    Loader was very rude won't push the pallets together and had a problem of the trailer being short for 26 pallets and the trailer is 53 foot. To the owner. This conversation shouldn't have happened if you are a forklift driver. He knew what he was supposed to do but he didn't ask me to remove the load bars I told him myself I will remove the load bars because he was yelling so much even I heard in the truck. I walked to the back of the trailer to see what's going on. If you have voice recorded in your video just listen closely how he was yelling. I have no problem to move the load bars but he told me to shut up when I walked in trailer end and I counted the pallet then he yelled at me what you think how many pallets I loaded? The issue is that he couldn't fit the 26 pallets all pushed together and which made him not being able to fit them all straight in. The last two pallets were turned sideways but the thing is 26 pallets should fit easily straight into my 53 foot trailer. I have been driving for 20 years and had never had an issue like this before.

  • Cory R
    Cory R
    7 months ago

    Driver that passed through Ellettsville Indiana needs to remember proper following distance. You're in a semi, not a Corvette.

  • Bruce McCrary
    Bruce McCrary
    a year ago

    Great place to work with exceptional people and a family atmosphere. Couldn't ask for better people to work for and with.


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