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  • James Childress (OTRTexan)
    James Childress (OTRTexan)
    in the last week

    This driver parked in front of a non working fuel pump, which isn’t huge deal normally. But he/she couldn’t be bothered to park straight, or just don’t have the skills to park straight. This is already a tight area to move through, but I guess laziness here is key.

  • Brent Schneider
    Brent Schneider
    5 months ago

    Who ever driving 2080 needs to be more considerate to drivers that are already parked. I should charge you for keeping me up because your driver is blasting stereo all god damn night. Unlike your driver my time is Money.

  • Hershel Thompson
    Hershel Thompson
    5 years ago

    No complaints, no overnight parking, restrooms available. Quick to load , friendly and professional. Take Exit 5A east off I 55 South out of Memphis.

  • Reginald Griffin
    Reginald Griffin
    a year ago

    I have over 28 yrs experience worked there four months had to walk away youngsters under pressure in the office and shop that refuse to listen to the drivers Not recommend for a seasoned professional everything that goes wrong shouldn't always fall on the drivers , Jit,Ex doesn't understand the time frame or the difference between OTR & local driving you can not dispatch OTR like a home every night driving job but good starter company for the inexperienced drivers 65 mph slip seat

  • Roger Price
    Roger Price
    4 years ago

    Started off a good company. Trying to grow too fast too soon. Operations becoming chaotic and sloppy. Too many drivers and not enough trucks. Not enough work for night shift local drivers. Unable to keep OTR drivers due to poor dispatch. The future seems bleak.


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