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  • jeanne louise chauffe

    quinn was an amazing contact for fayard storage . you always knew when he answered the phone, that you would be talking to a genuinely nice , congenial , knowledgeable , and polite fellow . we enjoyed doing business with him !

  • alley cat
    alley cat
    4 months ago

    deserves 0 stars, very unprofessional, not recommended. do NOT get Natasha as a dispatch, very rude, crazy, nasty attitude, curses and talk to you like garbage on street .. Ken just as rude as her but bruce is amazing so s/o to bruce.

  • Kron Means
    Kron Means
    a month ago

    Unprofessional bosses terminate workers without good reason the John Fayard is good company just some people don't need to be a boss. A boss should be a good listener and show good leadership.

  • Family Ties LLC
    Family Ties LLC
    6 months ago

    Well pretty straight forward company I mean it’s for ppl who wanna be home really every weekend they get paid bi weekly like they are on a sliding pay scale I would say 49 cents to 59 cents I mean it’s not for me but it might be for you I have 19 years experience so that might work for some of the rookies…

  • I Killings
    I Killings
    4 months ago

    The shipping department went over and beyond to get me unloaded amidst major bol issues. Also it was a dirt lot down the street I utilized


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