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  • Jessica Jel
    Jessica Jel
    a year ago

    I need everyone to know to avoid this company like the plague, especially my military folks that move often and already have a lot to deal with. We have been doing this for over a decade and this is the worse move we ever experienced. Arrived late, broken, and stolen goods. Some things just simply not packed. Their packers cancelled on us for the day we had scheduled. Took them until almost noon to even let us know they weren’t coming. So glad to see my time is not valuable! Then the next day they arrived later than planned. The loaders keep calling us and becoming frustrated understandably because the packers showed up late and should’ve been done. The 2 women start packing, I bring them lunch and water/Gatorade. Make sure their taking care of. However they likely stole right under our noses! & get this! It was craft supplies and an expensive craft machine. I always secure our electronics/sentimental items away from them because unfortunately we can’t trust ppl to do the right thing. Being in the military you hear too many horror stories. Who would’ve thought craft supplies? But I guess there’s something for everyone if it appeals to their taste. One of the packers backed her personal truck into our garage and likely tossed what she wanted right in there. Merry Christmas?! Do not allow the packers to back their personal cars into your garage. To top it off they packed horribly and throw an expensive monitor inside a box of other random things. Now my monitor is busted. I use that for work. Yet another joy you can expect to receive from this company. I know I can file claims but some stuff isn’t replaceable. I had that craft supplies for years that I collected from all over the world. It was sentimental. Plus, I shouldn’t have to deal with that inconvenience to begin with. It would be wonderful if they could be decent and do their job right.

  • Lisa B
    Lisa B
    4 years ago

    After calling eight companies and not finding anyone available to help us move for a month...we were grateful that Johnson Storage and Moving could move us pretty quickly. The property survey and estimate were done easily and quickly over the phone. We did have to call them a few times to verify the date and time of their arrival, after they didn’t call us as promised. They promised 4 movers but only 3 showed up. After one of their crew was injured, the two that were left worked very hard and quickly. They were careful with our furniture, even though it was very heavy for two men to lift. Only damage that occurred was to our wall in our new home, which the mover said that they would send someone to fix. The movers were courteous and willing to move anything wherever we asked them to. We called their main office the next day to discuss our bill, as we didn’t receive the 4 movers as promised and they didn’t work the 10 hours we were billed for. We were promised a partial refund, which we are waiting on. We are also awaiting an emailed form from the company regarding the wall damage. Overall, our experience with this company was good. We hope they follow-through in the refund and the wall repair.

  • Irene Schilling
    Irene Schilling
    a year ago

    My first professional move—KC to StL in MO—upon retirement. Ryan Larsen walked thru my apartment to estimate pricing. Norma & Jennifer packed my belongings. Cary, Jacob & Mitchell loaded in KC and unloaded in Fenton. I had some struggles with the esign function but eventually got it done. We moved from a 2 bed/2bath apt with attached garage & tons of storage to a 2 bed/2.5 bath townhouse with no garage & far less storage. Unpacking boxes & purging has been a slow process for us due to determining if we have space. Your people were all professional, helpful, & fun to work with thru the entire process. Should we need your services in future I will not hesitate to contact you or recommend you to friends in need of move services. Thank you!

  • Josh G
    Josh G
    a year ago

    I flew in to receive my household goods. They showed up but stalled for half a day and said that they would unload after I left if I signed the paperwork. I had to get back to my home state and didn't have a choice. I am missing over a thousand dollars of household goods, and they left my apartment bathrooms disgusting. I am awaiting my insurance claim against them.

  • Ashley Ruiz
    Ashley Ruiz
    a year ago

    This place is a joke! They were hired to do a military move. Moving day, 4 guys are 3 hours late and looking high. They were sent away. 4 more were sent. They worked 2 hours, left for lunch and never came back. Come to find out they stole over $2,000 cash out of my wallet! GM has no solution on getting this done.


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