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  • Syed Hussain
    Syed Hussain
    4 months ago

    Worste experience..loader was sleeping..after several time I ring door bell a skiny guy show up he was sleeping .he gave me door 4..then a fat guy show up.he said iam at wrong address..I told him the other guy give me door 4..after loading .I ask him about load locks he said they put at front of load.but he lie.he was keep smoking these type of crooks..destroying yr company name and business

  • Jayme Correia
    Jayme Correia
    7 months ago

    DO NOT DELIVER HERE!! This place was no good. I asked guy how his day was going and was told " it's going " they didn't talk to me like a human or anything. I just had what they needed and that's all they cared about. Terrible. I did a favor for YOU with your low rate. Not again.

  • Varinder Singh
    Varinder Singh
    6 months ago

    The guy who unload my truck his way of talking is very rood he think he is the boss .

  • Yevgeniy Larshin
    Yevgeniy Larshin
    2 years ago

    Best crossdock i have ever been to. Nice and friendly staff, family like entertainment!

  • Sunny Bajwa
    Sunny Bajwa
    5 months ago

    Nice place to pick up


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