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  • Sunset
    a year ago

    I don't know if it's usually like this as its my first time here, it's 1100 and 0830 just went in. Outside staging area , 3 spaces, so I parked on the opposite side til someone moved out. Walk up to check in. Edit: Once I was backed into the dock, it was in and out. Please make sure you have closed-toe shoes and a safety vest.

  • Janice Wilkerson
    Janice Wilkerson
    6 months ago

    My company recently done done business with this company and it was not great. They leased an storage trailer to my company with the intent to move freight with it (deceptive). This trailer had only 3 lug nuts on one of the rear tires. They did not return our calls after numerous attempts, and they did not assist my company with repairs. We made numerous attempts to speak with the Broker, but no reply. The receptionist told me someone would call me back. Roadside Assistance advised my Dispatcher and I that the trailer was not equipped for the road and it was a road hazard. There was no success after 3 days of trying to make contact with someone. The day before the trailer was to be delivered my dispatcher advised the Broker via email that we would be delivering the trailer at the agreed drop off location. The Broker agree with the arrangement because the trailer was a road hazard. Once the driver got to the drop off location, it was closed. My driver, dispatcher, and myself tried to make contact with the Broker or someone at the company, so we could make arrangements for storage of the trailer but no one has returned our call. Still no one has returned our call to received the trailer. This company has truly abandoned us. We expected better customer service from this company. I am very disappointed in the service that I received because no one should ever do business with a company that does not care about it's relationship with the customer.

  • vladar1986
    4 months ago

    Terrible, delivery appointment at 7.30 am. Now is 13.00 pm and still not being called for unload. Terrible place. Can't count on them to do business. Avoid at any cost.

  • Jon Elliott
    Jon Elliott
    3 years ago

    When I 1st talked to the comp top 2 execs I told them we would be their smallest client but our intention was for modest growth. They welcomed me & my wines & treated me like I was Target. Like most companies Covid has had a negative impact on our business so our planed growth has been severely curtailed. Incredibly they still treat me like Target. I cannot say enough great things about this company & every employee I have had the pleasure of working with...including today! They are the best!

  • Meech K
    Meech K
    a year ago

    Had a delivery appointment at 9am. Driver arrived at 5am. Did not get a door until noon. And then another 3-4 hours to get unloaded and counted


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