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  • Harold George
    Harold George
    a month ago

    Worked here a while back, made more money than you could imagine. Not sure where the negative remarks come from. Oscar and Albert treated me fair and Ben was the best dispatcher I ever had! I did my job and they paid me very well! I definitely recommend them!

  • Irvin Kahn
    Irvin Kahn
    a month ago

    I forgot to Read their Reviews before joing This Criminal gang of thieves. Totally incompetent and Fraud. They held my pay. So I contacted several Past employees n preparing a Class Action Law Suit to put these Criminals in Jail. I got 20 years of Experience my Advice do Not work for these Criminals.

  • samar gehlawat
    samar gehlawat
    a month ago

    I used their warehouse service, they are quick & easy to communicate, owner & warehouse staff are friendly & supportive, recommending all for any type of crossdock service.

  • Sun Link
    Sun Link
    6 months ago

    I drove for them before.They start out paying u .then find reasons to "snake you" basically "RIPPING U OFF".they treat there Ukraine drivers gd but minorities are the ones that get the short end of the stick.When u get mad about not getting paid and want to quit. They put a insurance claim on ur psp record and insurance .That way when u go some were else u can't get hire. They will tarnish ur name.

  • Jimmy F
    Jimmy F
    8 months ago

    This is a great company and G and Jarek to the office people are great. I drove here for over 2 years and the only reason I had to leave was family problems but I would go back in a minute!!!! Drivers tell you good things about companies but this is a great company!!!!! The only problem I seen was Sam in pay roll !!!! But they fix everything.. great place to drive for and make money!!!!


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