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  • Dr. Denae Ball, DDiv
    Dr. Denae Ball, DDiv
    5 months ago

    I am so thankful for Tim Harris and Kidglove for being a faithful supporter of my walk in Christ and reign as Ms. Universe International 2023-2024! I appreciate you and your staff for helping me carry the Torch to bring light and hope to all who have suffered oppression and abuse in their relationships! God bless you for your continued support!!

  • K Nathan Satheeskumar

    Liked what other driver said patient needed in this place. I arrived in the front of the building no one is there then I called the number on google lady advised me go to the back of the building between dock 15&16 no one there ring and ring the bell no luck then I called the same number same lady advised me to go to dock 41 to 53 no one is there ring the bell many times no luck about to call the same lady back again a guy arrived by the car took me inside the building got pick up completed smh

  • Steve Stewart
    Steve Stewart
    8 months ago

    Patience is needed here for OTR drivers. I circled the whole building, ended up at North Dock, they sent me to Harris & Ford, they sent me to South Dock. Lady up front at 13A sent me back to door 2. That's the Transportation Dept. Door 2 sent me back to 13 A. They left me in an empty hallway for 30 min, because they thought my load # was incorrect. The forklift driver took a picture of my notebook, so she couldn't tell what # was what and didn't bother to come talk to me. After that, I finally went back to the Transportation Dept. To find out why I'm just standing around, and once things got cleared up, it was loaded in 15 minutes. Better signage and a Shipping office could have prevented this.

  • trucker stuff
    trucker stuff
    a year ago

    I'm 10 minutes down the road at the Pilot. My appointment is for 8am because that's when they open. Broker calls me at 5:52 am looking for an up date. I tell him to get bent. Show up at 7:30, get told to come back at 8. I park in their lot go inside at 8 and wait until 8:30 all the while looking at someone in the office who refuses to tell me anything. "The" Dock guy finally shows up. It's 8:35 and I'm in door 18, trailer is getting jostled, so at least it feels like they're unloading. Kid Glove.

  • Audrae Sanders
    Audrae Sanders
    5 years ago

    You can’t tell people less than 24 hours beforehand when it’s convenient for YOU to deliver to the customer. I have a schedule, a job, etc and can’t drop everything I’m doing. When I asked if I could schedule it for a specific time frame I was told no, it was scheduled according to whatever route they already had planned. How is that helpful to the customer? I was told at 6pm on 7/12 that a dishwasher would be delivered to me on 7/13 between 11-3. I have to work? I don’t have the luxury of calling off and saying sorry they’re bringing the dishwasher, everything else has to wait. You can’t give that short of notice and not expect people to reschedule. Then when I rescheduled I was told I couldn’t request a morning installation (I work evenings) because delivery had to be convenient to their route, and that they won’t tell me until the day before. Great. I’ll just find someone who has an extra 4 hours set aside just in case that window falls when I have to be at work. I have lots of friends who will drop all their plans as well to sit at my house for four hours and wait. Not. This is absolutely terrible customer service. Unfortunately it wasn’t my choice, it was my landlords.


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