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  • CMH 02
    CMH 02
    10 months ago

    Booked load with dispatcher Robert - he called when the driver arrived to the pickup and said they needed payment up front to run the load which is a breach in contract and pay terms. They failed to run the load as agreed upon and left us in a bad spot late Friday afternoon. Beware - deceptive and fraudulent business practice and failure to service shipment as agreed upon.

  • Uuganbayar Dashdondog

    The Columbia (MD) service is terrible. Rude and incompetent delivery personnel. Costco should simply terminate their contract with this toxic company.

  • Gabriela Schirado
    Gabriela Schirado
    a year ago

    **inconsiderate and unsafe driver on highway 101** had a least 14 cars behind him, doing 15 mph under the speed limit. had multiple areas to pull over but never did. will never use your company. ever! that's his job, he should be better at it 👎🏼

  • Skeeter Tremain
    Skeeter Tremain
    2 years ago

    RUN! RUN! RUN as far and fast as you can from this company. Especially the Greensburg terminal. They are crooks. They will continuously take money from you for "maintenance" that does not go towards maintaining the truck. Whenever something goes wrong with the truck they will take it out of your settlement and still charge you 15 cents a mile for "maintenance". The turn over rate is high, even in the office. Extremely unorganized. They also double broker loads. Colonial park logistics broker the loads to liberty transportation. They are the same company. They find every angle to cheat the drivers out of their hard earned money.

  • Shelton Adams
    Shelton Adams
    5 years ago

    I would inform any driver not to work for this company. They have a problem with honesty and will take money from you without a explanation. The trucks that they give you is horrible, if you not on the good that special group, then you will not make any money. I didnt get my last two checks from bc they claim I owe them money. My advice to liberty is whenever you black out documents and tell a person they owe, that's illegal by law. Taking people checks , with no legal explanation or proof, can cause a problem for the company and cause people to get hurt. My advice to the owner (chuck )is you may want to get your company In order and find out why you cant keep losing driver before you end up with a class lawsuit. this company pays every two weeks with a average check of 1500. this is the only few company in the United states that's pay otr driver every two weeks.


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