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  • Jack Logan
    Jack Logan
    5 years ago

    Received an email stating they attempted to contact us. They did no such thing. I called the number provided in the email and reached Pilot shipping who then transferred me to Samantha at Lykes Cartage. This person lied and stated she attempted to contact us to make arrangements for the delivery. She did not. Secondly we had already scheduled an appointment on Amazon and made plans to be home. She then stated her driver had already left and wouldn’t come back. She refused to call the driver and let them know. The lying and incompetence is amazing. I will be contacting Amazon as well.

    4 years ago

    Had an order from Wayfair with the instructions to call upon arrival at the Warehouse but instead they just left the boxes outside which we were unaware of. It of course rained/sleeted during the weekend so our items sat outside during this time. Luckily nothing was stolen but definitely would not recommend this company handling your merchandise that you have purchased.

  • Jennifer McBride
    Jennifer McBride
    6 years ago

    The woman who answered was extremely rude. The first time I called, I couldn't hear what she said and said, "what company?" and she hung up on me. I've been waiting days for this package, only to be told it'll be Monday because they couldn't get anyone to answer. I sat at home all day for the past several days waiting.

  • Mr. Review
    Mr. Review
    4 years ago

    My rims were delivered there and they helped me load them.

  • Dennis Boren
    Dennis Boren
    5 years ago

    Initial call: confusing and rude. Delivery: rude x 2


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