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  • Jen nifer
    Jen nifer
    4 months ago

    From the first phone to set up my delivery to the drop off, everyone was nice and courteous. The gentleman who delivered my table and bench was so nice. He texted me when he was on his way and he handled everything very well. It was very heavy and awkward shaped but he took his time and didn’t mistreat anything. Thank you for great service. I highly recommend based off my experience.

  • Ovidiuz Blezz
    Ovidiuz Blezz
    a year ago

    Management is lazy. Not very good at checking emails or meeting deadlines for deliveries. Kinda keeps a Carthage company a bit more chaotic than necessary. Unnecessary drama and gossip like a family business but it's not. Terminal manager (Veronica) should be replaced by Jenelle due to a better work ethic and better service representation. Management shows favoritism to their company, contracts, and some of the drivers. The only reason it has any organization from freight to driver is Richard and I'd be careful... They went through 3-5 dispatchers in less than 8 months. Even that individual (Richard) shuffles bills around for certain individual's benefits. I wonder if a similar view and standard was kept at Action Freight. Regardless, there is not enough freight for drivers to deliver due to consecutive contract loss, contract completion, or inflation. I wouldn't do any favors, which they're constantly wanting, because you won't get anything in return other than screwed or pay outta your pocket to get the job done. Also, don't work for the overtime for it will not be paid in full. No sense of customer service whatsoever. The business probably only has 8-12 years left max. 0.5 Stars at best.

  • IfULikeIt.ILuvIt
    a year ago

    The staff goes above and beyond to accommodate customers both big and small. The dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction never ceases to amaze me. From management to warehouse to the drivers, this place has my trust and loyalty. Way to go Team! ♥️

  • Lauren Turek
    Lauren Turek
    5 years ago

    Super friendly, efficient, and helpful. The lady at the front desk was cheerful and kind. They had our crate all set to go and the man driving the forklift was extremely skilled. He got us all loaded up and even helped us secure the crate in our truck.

  • Eric Bradley
    Eric Bradley
    2 years ago

    It has been over a month since I had a pallet dropped off at their facility for shipping. A week after the delivery should have arrived, they still hadn't shipped it and their response was - "we didn't know what to do with it" The pallet with shipping labels and the bill of lading attached to it. A month later they are denying they have any information about the shipment, and can't find it. After threatening to call a lawyer, now they suddenly found information that it was shipped out but they are passing the buck to another shipping company even though it left on their truck and was never seen again. - DO NOT SHIP ANYTHING OF ANY VALUE WITH THESE CLOWNS


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