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  • DG Sider
    DG Sider
    5 months ago

    Excellent service. Unloaded in 30 minutes. Thanks

  • Steve Huskey
    Steve Huskey
    6 years ago

    The drivers have been very nice. The dispatchers need to learn to take better notes. They delivered my items to a storage unit. I mentioned to Cameron, on the dispatch team, that I live 30 minutes from the storage unit. I requested that they give me one -hour notice before the drop-off. Cameron told me that was no problem. The 1st time they dropped off with 30 minutes notice. I called Cameron and reminded him that I live 30 minutes from the storage unit. If they called me with 30 minutes notice, I was going to be late to meet their driver every time. He said he updated a request to give an hour's notice. The 2nd time they dropped off with 30 minutes notice. However, I was tied up and unable to call the driver back for 45 minutes. By that time the driver had left the storage facility and did not return my call. I should mention that I had paid people to wait at the facility that afternoon for this driver. Since Cameron did not give me an hour's notice - like he said he would - we missed the transaction. This cost me money in wasted labor. On the 3rd drop-off I got 10 minutes notice. I'm not sure if the dispatchers need to take better notes, or of Cameron needs remedial training. Regardless, that dispatcher team needs help. They wasted my time, my employees time, and my money.

  • Srinath Talla
    Srinath Talla
    a year ago

    Fake service and promises, they never give correct information and neither owns responsibility for their failures and fake promises. Very Rude customer service. Never go with them . Worst service.

  • Steve K
    Steve K
    6 years ago

    Literally kept me waiting 4 hours! Went in and they're like "well you've been empty".. soo when you take the paperwork, let me know to come inside every hour to check. Or even better GO OUT THERE AND LET ME KNOW IT'S FINISHED.

  • Ahmed Aziz
    Ahmed Aziz
    2 years ago

    My appointment 9 I got here 8 am and now 5:29 no one touched my trailer yet it’s horrible place


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