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  • Nathan Bern
    Nathan Bern
    in the last week

    I don't know who these fools they hire are... Their driver, blocking a parking lot entrance, intentionally egging on traffic because he is getting honked at due to blocking 3 businesses, ROLLS HIS WINDOW DOWN AND SMIRKS as he put the truck in park and set the brake. Grow up, man child. As soon as I tried taking a photo of his dumb smile he turned away and tried to drive off... KYU 136091 MC 290129 USDOT 602611 VIN LSLR2613

  • Michelle H
    Michelle H
    7 years ago

    I am not sure if the truck drivers Lynn Trucking hire's, are happy with their job. Not only did this driver complain about not pulling into our car lot, but he had a very unpleasant attitude. From the moment I walked up to him, he had a "I can not believe I've got to do my job "attitude". Acted like I was going to have to take the large box off of his truck. I am very tiny and there is no way I was able to move the delivery myself. Also he claimed he was unable to pull in the parking lot. Well I have semi trucks in and out of here all day. They have no problem maneuvering their semi trucks in here. I suggest he goes back to truck driver school and hopefully an gets an attitude adjustment too!

  • Gytis Vaitkus
    Gytis Vaitkus
    4 years ago

    My Company is not allowed to do any business with Lynn Trucking anymore. They do not fallow there own contract . Driver came to pick up .Soon as my driver checked in they asked me to do the transit for cheaper. After I said no we have to stay at the rate we booked originally they told my driver they will not load her and to leave the property. We asked them to pay TONU they said they cannot do it and didn't give me a reason. After of 4 hours of this necessary stuff we left with nothing trying to find a different shipment. Supper bad experience.

  • Christopher Knoll
    Christopher Knoll
    9 months ago

    Friendly employees. Fast unloading and has layover spot if in afternoon.

  • Kevin Shilling
    Kevin Shilling
    4 years ago

    Place is right next door to Old Dominion,guys are friendly and fast unloading,be sure to slide tandems to rear,they won't start until you do.


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