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McLeod Express Crossdock in Lafayette IN

Since 2002 McLeod Warehousing has been providing distribution and warehousing services to address companies’ changing needs. From the beginning, McLeod has focused on exceeding customers’ needs; providing air conditioned, dry storage, racked, and bulk space in a single facility. Today, McLeod is driven to provide your company quality space, quality services, and the terms to help you succeed.



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  • Gary Butts
    Gary Butts
    a month ago

    Heavy loads ,mainly on all loads 40k & up.all driver should bring home 1400wk.but that want happen. U only guarantee 1100.truck speed should b set @ 70 on cruise & 68 on paddle. Friendly staff.good mechanic shop.could have a better sign on bouns & don't have to wait a year for holiday pay.should offer part time driver ,who could use it under certain conditions.

  • Deng chen
    Deng chen
    a month ago

    Great company. I worked there for 18 months. I left it cuz went to team driving with my brother. McLeod hires no teams. The orientation was easy and well organized. If you have kids you need to take days off for birthdays and games or anything, just give dm dates you need to be home, he only says “ok, go.” Very very respectful. If you do home weekly, guaranteed you great life balance with kids.

  • Diana Gould
    Diana Gould
    10 months ago

    Do not drive for this company. I had to threaten them with a DOT inspection to get brakes and rotors replaced on a truck. They were so shot that I almost hit a bus! I refused to move it and was in Hoxie AR at the time. They wanted me to drive it to Little Rock to get fixed. I told them they could tow it where ever they want to get fixed buy I wouldn't drive it any where. Multiple issues with them. The H.R. "person" lives to bully drivers. Werner and Swift are better than here.

  • Harry Willoughby
    Harry Willoughby
    4 years ago

    Ok you really want to know probably not management really has a lot to be desired if you show up all is good equipment is lacking so is supervision at both ends I have been at this for 30 years I would have eliminated most of the positions no respect for the drivers or manigment enough said

  • james cook
    james cook
    3 years ago

    Fixed their truck lickety split on a drop-in shop call and got me back out there earning. Nice job!

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