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  • Skyler Havens
    Skyler Havens
    3 weeks ago

    One of their drivers almost ran me off the road not once but three times. And by looking at the other reviews it would appear they clearly don’t screen employees before hiring or care how they act on the road.

  • Nonya Dambznis
    Nonya Dambznis
    2 weeks ago

    They require a sleeping team driver to wake up and come inside; to wait for hours in front of the window, that no one will acknowledge you. Just so they can take a picture of your license. Which; if you log legally, messes up your 10-hour break. When I told them this, the boss said, "If you don't like it, you can leave without your load."

  • SBS Trans Express Inc

    They don't wont to pay us for a load we did for them 2 months ago. Accounting is hiding and don't answer the phone, after I spoke with them once only to ask why they did not pay me yet.. I have been trying to reach them for 20 days already and nothing. Something is not right with this company!

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    This company has not paid me for four weeks. I should have known on my orientation day. One of their black drivers were complaining about them owing them $2000 and they offered to give him $500. these people are con artist, and need to be exposed. by the way I’m also black you connecting the dots yet? so yes I feel some type of way and I’m very angry. If anybody has any advice, please don’t hesitate.

  • Bojan Bogetic
    Bojan Bogetic
    4 months ago

    Terrible service for pick up and delivery ! Blind shipment load , totally mess What I can see delivering going faster because they need to load to fill up other truck. guys for pick up waiting like 5-6h . Half guys inside don’t understand very good English.

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