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  • Joseph Turner
    Joseph Turner
    2 years ago

    I LOVE Jones Family Crossdock. I have never had better customer service. You definitely feel like there is a professional and personal relationship. I'm not a big mover of products, small ranch, and they are always accommodating. I live across the border in California and they have saved me thousands in delivery charges by taking a short drive. I can't say enough good about them.

  • Ilhomjon Hasanov
    Ilhomjon Hasanov
    6 years ago

    OHHH MAN!!! These guys are AWESOME!!! Period. If you ever need CrossDock services, these guys are the best. 5 STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU WILL GET, GUARANTEED. EXTREMELY FAST AND RELIABLE SERVICE. AND THEY WORK 24/7. Just give them a call before you get there, they will be waiting for you with dock doors open, even on the weekends. They offer a Coffee too. Don't forget to grab it. After that coffee you won't need it for the rest of your day. feels like you are having 4 shots of espresso:) Don't believe me? Go checked it out.

  • Matthew Sorenson
    Matthew Sorenson
    3 years ago

    Needed load rebalanced to get CA legal... Super nice people, they know what they're doing, and rates are fair... Got me right in and did their thing, went to Petro nearby to scale and it was perfect. These guys are awesome! Just show up with a scale ticket so they know what they're working with. TA and Petro 2 min away... Highly recommend.

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson
    5 years ago

    The people are awesome Everyone is great. They have,i would say, the worst parking situation there is.Allover the states i mean lie the worst in life. Your going to be tested .Far better to go after hours. Try to take some orange safety cones.make sure your 4 ways work. Good Luck .

  • William Fredrick
    William Fredrick
    4 years ago

    The new boss here and he's son are awesome and amazing people to work with and the first boss I had that keeps he's word!! Making customers and employees very happy , amazing company it has become!!


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