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Same Day Delivery Crossdock in Walker MI



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  • Natalia Wilczek
    Natalia Wilczek
    3 weeks ago

    Same Day Delivery worked great for me! I purchased an item from Amazon, and within a day I was contacted to set up a delivery date and time. Gideon, the delivery driver, showed up on time and provided excellent service. He was professional, friendly, and even brought the package inside of my house, which was not at all expected but much appreciated as I was busy handling little children (it is Spring Break) at home. I would recommend the service and Gideon as well.

  • Peter Van
    Peter Van
    2 months ago

    It's always a pleasure having Gideon make deliveries for us. He is a hard worker who makes sure our customers get their products in time and always brings in a positive attitude when we see him in the morning. Thank you again for what you do!

  • Roxie Bell
    Roxie Bell
    3 months ago

    Gideon was an amazing delivery driver, a real Top G (according to my son). He delivered a treadmill that was 240lbs in a massive 2’x3’x7’ box. The delivery was a 2-man job, but he muscled through and got the package off the pallet and into the house without any issues. He was polite and had a good attitude. Thank you, Gideon!

  • Scott Richmond
    Scott Richmond
    in the last week

    I would like to send a shot out to Gideon for the excellent job he has done helping us out with Residential/Business deliveries.

  • Mrs. Brand
    Mrs. Brand
    3 months ago

    So thankful for Gideon. The treadmill I ordered was heavy and huge. It needed to go in the basement. Without him, it would have never gotten down there. A hard and respectful worker. Thanks Gideon!

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