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Skyline Transportation Inc Crossdock in Knoxville TN

If you need cross-docking services in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, turn to us at Skyline Transportation Inc. We provide efficient, high-quality cross-docking services. Whether a onetime solution or a long-term project we will develop a plan that achieves your objectives. Our goal is to help you improve the efficiency of your supply chain.



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  • Daniel Horner
    Daniel Horner
    a month ago

    Great employees and I enjoyed going through orientation. I look forward coming out of retirement to give the company the best possible safe mileage I can possibly do.

  • Edward Jr
    Edward Jr
    3 months ago

    If micromanagement was a company it'll be skyline! I'm already up 30 minutes plus before my clock gets back and as soon as it gets back - and not a second later - the driver manager is sending messages to get rolling. If you don't respond they'll send multiple messages until they finally call. Not even letting do your pretrip nor gathering something from the truck stop, etc. Then your accused of being late although the time was 230 in the evening to get there within the window. Got proof of that. Seems like they do hire rookies that don't know what they are doing or have so much time on their hand they don't have any other business to handle so they bored out of their mind and bother you.

  • Lisa Richardson
    Lisa Richardson
    2 years ago

    My husband works for them. They are a nice bunch of people there. They pay well and have good benefits. The only complaint I have is not a lot of home time on the weekends. He gets home late Friday and has to leave mid-afternoon on Sunday.

  • Trucker Life
    Trucker Life
    2 years ago

    All in all decent company. They promise you a new truck within 6 months was there almost 4 years no new truck. Also they hire people as DM ( driver managers ) off the street that has no clue as to what they are doing so if they mess up your pay is affected. They say your the captain of your ship when your out there however they decide when your clock starts and ends. I wish the company well its good for just starting out but it definitely isn't a career company that you can plan to retire from. Good luck in your searches and make sure wherever you go that you have a DM that is not a rookie and fresh in the game.

  • Sam Clark
    Sam Clark
    a year ago

    I've only been here a few weeks, but my experience so far has been all positive. Everyone I've come in contact with has been very welcoming. It's no wonder the turnover rate is so low.

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