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  • T Mance
    T Mance
    3 weeks ago

    Worst company you cab wirk for rental truck you will never own.l Multy stops in unloading chairs in a hot trailer and folding furniture blankets in untense heat in the summer. Slow trucks terrible staff they should be shut down. They dont pay receuiting bonuses as promised eun from this company dont waste your time and energy. Drivwrs today just deuve, tou work as a laborer here.

  • Oscar Montooth
    Oscar Montooth
    a year ago

    Very good company to work for if you wanted to make money. All managers was fantastic to deal with. Would work for them again. Always great miles

  • zachary bender
    zachary bender
    6 months ago

    I've worked here going on 4 years. I like it, don't really have any plans to leave here.

  • Nu H.
    Nu H.
    5 years ago

    Before I begin... I will share this post on most social media... since "word of mouth helps a business strive" these days. I give half on 5 stars, rounded up of course. You can make pretty decent money (above average)... good people that work in the office. Now for the missing 2.5 stars... even if you give them damn near a 3 week notice, apparently, since they've had drivers abandoned their trucks and trailers... the owner Pat, won't trust you... well, didn't trust me and made me cut my employment short by just about 3 weeks. Lost at least 2 weeks worth of income... AND had to pay expenses out of my own pocket, after the recruiter assured me they would fly me home if it didn't work out. So... lost money I relied on making finishing out my employment with them, and had to pay for some of the expenses to get home. Gas and lodging... almost 2200 mi of driving back home in a rental. Shame on you Summit for thinking, since one driver abandoned your equipment... another driver would, and lose money in the process.

  • Andrew Jamison
    Andrew Jamison
    2 years ago

    Like any other company only concerned about load, are willing and will intentionally put a driver under their lease program homeless and stranded. Lie from very beginning which isn't a surprise but can't get ahold of anyone after 4 pm. Very unprofessional actions


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