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  • Dave Wallen
    Dave Wallen
    2 weeks ago

    My first time here and won’t b my last time. Very nice people helped me loading unloading no prob. Thank you l! I don’t really drive through New Mexico but when I do this is the place to come do my warehouse. Defiantly recommend this place. 👌👍🏻

  • Michael Han
    Michael Han
    3 months ago

    I had the worst experience with them. I was suppose to catch a flight at noon. On the way down to Albuquerque airport from Taos, the shuttle broke down and the cause happened to be not replaced spark plugs. The shuttle stopped on the Espanola wasting about 40 minutes to find out what be the problem. At the end they couldn't fix it and just told me to catch a taxi from there. John the owner gave me a refund taxi happened to be 73$ more expensive than which was already expensive. Wasting too much time in the middle I ended up missing the flight. I did not ask for the flight ticket cost but just 73$ which happen to cost entire trip down to Albuquerque without the original cost from ABQ Express. They and the John ignore my email without any compensation for missing flight and costing more to get down. I ended up spending 326$ just to get down and missed my flight and missed my appointments. Use any other shuttle companies but ABQ Express.

  • Nebojsa G.
    Nebojsa G.
    2 years ago

    Nice company, very polite people, always great experience. Unloading was quick, enough space for full semi to swing through. No overnight or street parking .

  • KW Van
    KW Van
    a year ago

    Nearly got run off the road by this aggressive driver. Tailgating, crossing solid yellow lines in a no passing zone and obviously speeding. Horrible driver!

  • Dano “GMAN”
    Dano “GMAN”
    8 months ago

    It is very helpful I wasn't them I had to use I thought it was and the nice lady there help me try to find it and that was more than anybody else ever so I did appreciate that whatever have anything I have to ship or hopefully get shipped in here I'll be using you guys


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