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  • Debbie Severn
    Debbie Severn
    a month ago

    Great place to purchase your fireworks. Scott was amazing and extremely knowledgeable. He took a long time with us answering our questions and explaining the fireworks. The selection is overwhelming but Scott made it simple to understand. This is the place to go for all your fireworks, you're gonna love em!!!

  • Brad Tolliver
    Brad Tolliver
    10 months ago

    Great place to buy fireworks! Very helpfull with prices and questions about buying wholesale. I've ordered 2 skids with them this year and both were in great condition and shipping wasn't bad at all.

  • Jared Ferris
    Jared Ferris
    9 months ago

    It'll be very extra-special, perfect and magical, shiniest fireworks show for getting ready for celebrating 🇺🇸 birthday outside of my backyard in Early July night !

  • Cindy Kline
    Cindy Kline
    9 months ago

    Great prices, and the cashier was very helpful with suggestions. They also have a tv where you can scan the barcode of the item and it shows you what it does.

  • Hice
    a year ago

    After 12 years in business with BIG fireworks on the wholesale side ,this year I didn't purchase from them because they are so expensive ,they actually called the state fire marshal on me after I asked for insurance to cover my left overs that I bought from them last year ,sean refused to give me the certificate and actually called the state on me and they came to my tents to see if iam selling big fireworks so I can get fined ,but unfortunately he got no where coz I wasnt going to sell them without insurance .Be carefully with this company they have No loyalty no matter what you do.


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