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  • Jennifer J
    Jennifer J
    a year ago

    Management, is horrible. They use their employees to benefit themselves and try to Blackmail them. Even when put in 3 months in advance for vacation. One manger in particular bribes employee's to give them there time off that they are owed to satisfy themselves. Sorry excuse of management. Can't speak for regular employees seems like the normal employees all do their jobs, management is the real problem here!!! And to top if off HR should be there for there employees but never is. Always sides with management, seems like something fishey is going on there. Must be giving her something extra on the side.

  • Jose Arechiga
    Jose Arechiga
    3 weeks ago

    Friendly and helpful people..

  • lifeisupandown
    5 years ago

    This is what BlackRock is all about! I was a driver for BlackRock and was terminated for attendance reasons all explain. Driving for this company was not that bad but I can't speak for others. My schedule was Wednesday night through Sunday nights the 11th of January my brother decided to take his own life. The next day I go in to work the night management guys notice something wrong with me so I explain what happened the night before. We came to a agreement that I would not come in Sunday night and they would update the day shift on what happened. On the 15th figuring that day shift management knows I told that I would not come in on the 16th but will be in the 17th. The 17th rolls around and I come in and I immediately get pulled into a office and was given my last paycheck and was terminated for attendance. I loose my brother and get fired over it!!!!!

  • dee boss
    dee boss
    a year ago

    Good place to work. Office staff are awsome.

  • Jason Benoit
    Jason Benoit
    6 years ago

    Not too bad so far. Good people. Things get done.


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