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  • Sherry Reagan
    Sherry Reagan
    4 months ago

    Avoid this company! The delivery service and customer service is very poor. After waiting 3 weeks for my order to be delivered I called customer service and they said it would be delivered on Tuesday and would call me back to verify. I never received a call and I called them back they said it would be delivered in about 2 hours. The company never showed and didn't call. JC penny's needs to find a better delivery service!

  • Daniel Bendos
    Daniel Bendos
    5 months ago

    Tried to blame losing and account on me. My first day I was driving a truck. All the brakes went out. We almost died.. they brought us another truck told us to keep going. Worst company I have ever worked for.

  • Melissa Skinner
    Melissa Skinner
    7 months ago

    Want your stuff delivered on time and correctly? Use someone else. It's so frustrating that Staples uses them as our "local shipper" because my orders never arrive on time and it usually takes at least 2 or 3 delivery attempts for them to come during business hours.

  • Rachel Hays
    Rachel Hays
    2 months ago

    Contacted Estes . Order sat w Fleet street in Boise for over a week, no one contacted me. Finally Estes gave me fleet streets number directly. I asked the person scheduling the time slot about taking this (very heavy and expensive) copier up to my office in our buildings elevator and he replies "I don't know you have to talk to the driver" I asked how to contact them and he said "you just have to tell them when they get there" so I already knew it was going to be an issue. Delivery window of 1-5. 4:45 still no call. I call them and hear "the drivers got out late today they should have called you" . They show up at 6:30. And. Of course, leave the pallet in the middle of the lobby saying I had to pay for "white glove service" which the scheduling person didn't mention anything about. From reading other reviews seems like paying extra wouldn't have been worth it anyway.

  • Harold Smith
    Harold Smith
    a year ago

    Horrible experience. Last-mile shippers for hardwood flooring order from Home Depot. Shipment sat in their depot for 2+ weeks. Delivery date delayed multiple times w/o explanation. Finally, they texted 'out for delivery' but failed to show. Multiple calls to their office met with 'we'll look into it and call you back' but no one did. A few days later a delivery truck did show up, but without the flooring. A few days after that the truck arrived with the flooring - but the pallet was broken, and so was the flooring. The damage was obvious (boxes of flooring had tipped off the pallet) and should have been addressed when the shipment first arrived at their depot. My project is now a month behind schedule due to their incompetence. Infuriating!


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