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Maximus Group Crossdock in Lafayette IN

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Solutions
Maximus, with its broad high tech manufacturing and supply chain experience, develops innovative solutions and products for our customers in the transportation manufacturing industry.



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  • William Castle
    William Castle
    in the last week

    This is byy he far worst place to work. Hard work and dedication mean nothing here. You get talked to and treated like a dog. The management on trucking side is a joke. Only reason my truck stay running was I stayed on top of the maintenance schedule for it. But if you want a place to work and be treated right and not blamed for stuff that is dispatches fault avoid this place

  • anthony rodriguez
    anthony rodriguez
    4 months ago

    Worst company I've ever worked for!!!! Experience means nothing there and a quality means nothing. Treated like a #. Favoritism is at this job and injustice. Oh and don't get me started on hr!!!!! That is a joke in itself!!!! Oh and you'll be accused of things you never done!!!! Let that sink in.

  • Geoffrey Austin
    Geoffrey Austin
    a year ago

    Started with them with the understanding I would be off the 2nd week of July, due to previous commitment. This was agreed to before I started. I had agreed to deliver a load Monday as long as I was back Tuesday. They then wanted a load picked up Tuesday to be delivered Wednesday morning. I said no I needed to be home Tuesday. They said I had to pick up and deliver Wednesday. Then they hung up on me. Tried several times to call back but no answer. I went home and went to my obligation. During our memorial service my ring doorbell was blowing up as they sent a driver to recover my truck. I told them I had to clean it out and would return it Monday. They took it and left no notice. I went to home office cleaned it out. They never contacted me again. Do not believe their promises of time off being no problem if you want a home life.

  • Jerry Webb
    Jerry Webb
    2 years ago

    A driver was driving carelessly this morning on Creasy Lane. He was driving into slush in the center of the road and drove into the yellow line splashing my trucks windshield with slush and ice. He had plenty of clean road to drive on, all he was doing was knocking down the slush in the middle of the road. I had to swerve out of instinct and it could have caused a wreck. I turned around and followed him to his terminal, went inside to make a complaint. The driver was inside and he denied it. I would not had turned around and followed him for no reason. Management seemed to not care about his drivers action.

  • Shelly Brooks
    Shelly Brooks
    2 months ago

    They suck lies on you unprofessional and have favoritism.

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