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Midwest Warehousing Crossdock in Joseph MO

Storage & Management
Our warehouses have an abundance of rack storage – drive-through and selective pallet rack – to accommodate a wide variety of cargo. Our industrial-strength racks combined with our inventory management system (IMS) allows us to keep track of each pallet and deliver exactly what you desire.

We also offer warehousing for bulk material and store anything – big or small, light or heavy. We utilize every inch of space in our warehouse to maximize efficiency and keep costs low to help our customers save money.



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  • Fogarty Trucking
    Fogarty Trucking
    5 months ago

    Great place to come if you’re into letting receiver waste your whole day. Poorly managed receiver that detains you all day, provides drivers with a nasty porta-John. When I arrived at this address (same address on bills) was told they would check me in but that I was # 10 truck on a list of 20 trucks. They will tell you that they’ll call you and send you to another location to unload (2 miles the road) that supposedly has six docks). It’s 1400 hrs .. been here since 1000 hrs and you would think with 6 docks, I’d already be out of here by now. Don’t come here if you have the choice. You’ve been warned.

  • Baldev Singh
    Baldev Singh
    2 months ago

    Super fast unloading 30mint Overnight parking front of building Have for dock 2 front 2 back side Open 7 am first come first

  • Nate Hicks
    Nate Hicks
    6 months ago

    Got here at 0800. Should be about five hours just to start unloading. I'm the 22nd in line. The place is small for the volume of trucks, and maneuvering around other trucks caused this guy to spill it on a corner.

  • Mohamud Warsame
    Mohamud Warsame
    9 months ago

    Fcfs they will unload you quick, if come early they have parking lot.

  • Bass Reeves
    Bass Reeves
    6 months ago

    Probably the worse place I've delivered a load. It's not organized at all, because that would actually solve the issues in the parking lot. This place only has 2 docks. And 30 trucks consistently waiting. An absolute train wreck place.

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