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Multi Air Freight crossdock south francisco ca



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  • Manuel Plascencia
    Manuel Plascencia
    5 months ago

    Place is super tight. I would recommend to back in to the place and do a driver side backing. The delivery was smooth tho.

    a year ago

    I’d give the place 4 stars because employees are nice and friendly, but coming here is such a pain. If you have a delivery in a big truck not even worth showing up before 9am. I been here few times and until their company drivers leave to go out on their routes docks are usually full up. It’s best to park off to the side so you don’t block driveway. Trucks going in and out and if you pull in you will just be in the way, not to mention employees pulling in to park. has so much congestion and there’s all kinds of work being done by Xfinity and other companies so don’t even think of finding a spot. Go check in and tell them you are on street. They will tell you which dock to back to. Dock 5 is the only choice for sleeper trucks! Day cabs can back to 4 much easier than we can! It’s very tight but you can do it. Use all available room. At least they don’t let cars park in front of docks and have signs posted to keep open.

  • Americanstar Dispatch

    On February 22, 2023 I called asked if they help and down stack a pallet. They said 100% no problem $20 cash or credit card, just first do a a set up packet. We got set up with them. I sent in the truck and Thomas the manager came out and said its $100 cash only. Either $100 or we wont do it. After 5min going back and forth we he agreed to $50 for one pallet 48x48x50 that needed to be downs stacked on the floor which was communicated prior to sending in the truck. Very unpleasant situation, sounds like Thomas is running a side hustle out of the facility.

  • Роман Билык
    Роман Билык
    11 months ago

    Quick loading, but very narrow spacing to park but still doable

  • Mukam Soyunov
    Mukam Soyunov
    a year ago

    Empleyees good when you got checked in after that have to wait long way they can say 1hr but 3-4hr waiting time also forklifters damaging your trailer its only 2-5000 load trailer shaking all the way down just make sure before leave the facility they have to be taken easy(have to use brain) when they loading or report them inside been here few times already...!! Good luck!!!


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