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  • Piotr Veltzé
    Piotr Veltzé
    11 months ago

    This is the best polish trucking company in Illinois!! No waste of time and miles - just drive, deliver, pick up and drive. Always perfect planned. Thanks to our Management and dispatches who really take care of drivers!! It's a pleasure to work with you guys!!

  • juan
    6 months ago

    Anges is great to work with. Accurate ETA's and responsive to updates. Will use them again. Thank you Anges.

  • Marian Lapinski
    Marian Lapinski
    2 years ago

    Work stacked, deliveries and loading close together. The main destination is East: Connecticut, Massachusetts. Two laps a week, then reset and all over again. Solvency, contact, loaded trailers: the best. If someone likes this type of job, I recommend it.

  • marcus zalewski
    marcus zalewski
    5 years ago

    Great company to work for. On time payouts, grate people in office. Wonderful dispatch service, knows exactly what Owner Operators need. Owner of the company is a people person, will always help in critical times.

  • Kevin Pod
    Kevin Pod
    3 years ago

    Well organized company, great people to work with. Outside carriers fast unloading!!


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