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A 50000 square foot freezer and 20000 square foot chill storage facility. Food safety is important t



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  • Eugene Greben
    Eugene Greben
    2 months ago

    we made 3 pick ups and 3 deliveries with a frozen -10 looks like they put a claim for some juice been defrosted. No requests for the reefer temp. Not paying for 4 months.... Contacted finance, respond is-it may take several months for investigation... Stay away from this company.

  • Vlad Jf
    Vlad Jf
    8 months ago

    I was late because of a situation that I had on the road, yet these guys unloaded my full 53footer within 20minutes when I got to their facility. Very grateful for companies like this. I didn’t expect them to unload me fast because I was running late yet they still did it anyway.

  • Olga Danch
    Olga Danch
    4 months ago

    Very good company, loving and friendly staff who take care of others.

  • Anthony Mccauley
    Anthony Mccauley
    a year ago

    I have been here for 3 yrs now when I first started had a lot of issues with a lot of different things mainly truck the company has bought new trucks and hired more mechanics that problem is a lot better. I have been running from fife, was to the east coast for the last 2 yrs. Loving it making good money have a good dispatcher and are safety manager good and honest guy. You work hard keep your nose clean you won't hear from him.

  • Alphonse Joseph
    Alphonse Joseph
    2 years ago

    They lie. Don't pick up here. If on a Friday, just wait until Sunday or Monday to get something else. They charge you a 5% advance fee to pay for lumper fees at each location. The broker lied and said the load was ready. I got there at 1600 for a 2000 pickup and was advised by the dock clerk that the load wasn't ready and wouldn't be until the following morning. After waiting all night, loading started at 0600 the next morning and was done by 1100. If I hadn't thoroughly checked the paperwork against the rate con, I would've been delivering the last drop at the wrong location, as the drops had been switched last minute. After getting this cleared up and ensuring the load had been loaded correctly according to the stops, I left. This place is shady and double broker's loads. Stay away.


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