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Nighthawk Enterprises Inc crossdock medley fl



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  • Lori Magee
    Lori Magee
    2 years ago

    This just happened right in front of me TODAY at 2:56pm at the intersection of Hwy 17 & SR 66 in Zolfo Springs, FL. The truck driver ran the red light & stoped the truck in the MIDDLE of the intersection where he just sat until the lights changed again. I have NO IDEA how he was going as fast as he was because he had to go past a wreck that was on his side of the highway only 2-3 block before this light!!! I ended up having to slowly drive around the truck (like the pickup in front of me) in order to go through the intersection. THANK GOD everyone (except the truck driver) was paying attention!!!

  • Paula Herrington
    Paula Herrington
    8 months ago

    At approximately 5:50 AM had a truck pull out in front of us on Hwy 301 just a little North of Fowler Ave in Tampa. We were so close we had to hit the breaks hard to make an emergency stop from 60 MPH. We Completely stopped along with a string of cars to avoid hitting him in the driver's side fuel tank. This driver needs his CDL revoked. He clearly is inconsiderate and has no regard for the safety of the motoring public. Take him of the road immediately before he kills some innocent person !!!!! Trailer Tag QA1OWA

  • Lucio Avila
    Lucio Avila
    8 months ago

    Nighthawk goes the extra mile to make sure your delivery is made in a timely, organized and efficient manner. Highly recommend them and their customer service team for all your transport needs. No one does it better.

  • emilio egger
    emilio egger
    8 months ago

    This company has excellent and reliable drivers, I have been working with James for a few year. Has never let me down. Could not be happier.

  • Jenn V
    Jenn V
    a year ago

    Watched one of your drivers at 6:56am this morning get into the straight/right turn lane on County Line Rd and make a left hand turn onto Hwy60. All because he thinks he should not have to wait to turn like the rest of us that was in left turn lane. And this is only one of the "driver errors" I have witnessed recently from your drivers.

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