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North Park Transportation Crossdock in Missoula MT



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  • Tim Cline
    Tim Cline
    3 months ago

    They delivered a TV box that had the bottom completely soaked in oil and grease. You stained my deck outside my house, ruined my rug and stained the linoleum floor in my home. Thanks for leaving it outside on the deck without even a warning or ringing the bell.

  • Name Not Disclosed

    Storm windows marked fragile were delivered in perfect condition. Spoke to Kathy multiple times on the phone and she was excellent to deal with. The truck driver, Leif, was fantastic to deal with as well.

  • Brianne Walker
    Brianne Walker
    3 years ago

    Trying to coordinate delivery of furniture and office staff are unhelpful getting the item to me. I am a single mom, working full time in healthcare. I work normal hours 8-5; usually 530 or 6 with the pandemic. They stop doing deliveries at 330 or 4 and are only open Mon-Fri. He suggested I try to coordinate a time on a lunch break where they call me when THEY'RE available and I just take my lunch at that time. I have a full schedule of patients so that is not possible. Solution was for them to leave it at their facility and I come pick it up with my own truck (that I have to rent of course). So they technically didn't deliver...

  • Chris Gerber
    Chris Gerber
    6 years ago

    What good does a delivery truck due when they want to charge you to remove the product that you purchase from their truck and they have a lift gate. Its a delivery truck! That's their job. How many customers would pay to have their groceries taken to their vehicle if the clerk said "To take your food purchase to your vehicle I will have to charge $10.00. Sorry company policy." Not a satisfied customer.

  • Shaun Hoag
    Shaun Hoag
    2 years ago

    Going on the second week of trying to get my equipment delivered. Very piss poor communication for delivery appt. found out by text it would be del. June 4th and I took the day off and drove 100 miles to the property to meet them. No show. Talked to them to find out our area is only Tuesday Thursday and they would call Monday on which day. No call. Get call from the driver Tuesday he’s 25miles out. Well, I’m 100miles better make it Thursday. No problem. Make arrangements for Thursday. Thursday comes get a call and now it won’t fit on the truck. Now today Friday trying to get someone and no answer. trying to connect to drive over myself 90 miles to pick it up since they can’t figure out how to serve their customers properly.

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