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Northwest Freight Warehouse Cross Dock troutdale or

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  • Mojah Companies Inc
    Mojah Companies Inc
    2 months ago

    The owner of this place is very nasty, terribly attitude, and no this is a fake account. Im a customer and you guys need to fixed your attitude when dealing with customers!! People please avoid this terrible business and owner!!

  • George Agv
    George Agv
    2 weeks ago

    Very quick and easy unload, cheapest prices around town. New and clean warehouse A+++++

  • Nick Panfilov
    Nick Panfilov
    6 months ago

    Very professional company! I’ve been working with them for a while and never once had a a complaint or a problem. Definitely the best loading dock in the area!

  • Jim Davidson
    Jim Davidson
    7 months ago

    Valeri is easily one of the worst human beings alive. He is impossible to deal with. You almost want to feel bad for someone who is so miserable 24/7. I’ve heard many stories from people who know him personally. Avoid at all costs. Edit: They just responded and are claiming that there is no Valeriy that works there. I’ll keep a screenshot in case they decide to delete the response. In response to northwest freight LLC, you do realize that your business information is public data and anybody can look it up. VALERIY ZHIRYADA is the owner. VALENTINA ZHIRYADA Is the wife. ARTYOM ZHIRYADA is the son, I should also add that his son also works there and is a perfect reflection of his fathers character. He is a snotty spoiled kid with no respect just like his dad. I have personally dealt with valeriy when reserving a parking spot. And have dealt with him countless times after for Crossdock services. What a pathetic attempt to deny responsibility

  • Serge
    7 months ago

    This place is ripped off- Rude people , bad service, very high prices & they want cash. I will not come back here any more.

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